Hello From the Bakery

You want yummy goodness from the bakery? I’m your girl!

After five years in the non-profit fundraising and event-planning world, I’m excited for a career shift. I never imagined I’d be my own boss, or own a business, but I’m having terrific fun tackling the learning curve! Baking ooey, gooey, delicious treats has always been an enjoyment, and I’m thrilled to put my creativity to work!

When I started baking, I quickly realized my specialty: indulgent, decadent treats. Often this includes recipes with hard-to-find or extravagant ingredients – I’m pleased to offer these small-batch goodies for your enjoyment! I bake all the things using high-quality ingredients like pure Madagascar vanilla, Vietnamese cinnamon, and local organic cage-free eggs. I also use fresh seasonal fruit, real sweet cream butter and imported chocolate.

I’ll soon be offering additional treats for those with dietary restrictions. This includes vegan, sugar-free, Paleo and more options for gluten-free yummy goodness. Contact our gourmet bakery with any ideas for treats you’d like to try!


***Bake All The Things is a fully licensed and insured one-woman business, in compliance with all California laws, baking in a certified commercial kitchen space!***